Pressure Washing

Our company was founded with pressure washing services being our sole focus. Most feel that they can obtain the same results with a simple residential pressure washer. Power washing is a science. Making sure that the pressures, heat, distance, and volume all take a huge roll in getting the maximum result. Our top of the line equipment and attention to detail operators are sure to impress.

Commercial Service and Maintenance

High traffic areas can make you place of business look dirty and not taken care of. We offer many of operators many worry free maintenance plans that will ensure your place of business looks as fresh and clean as the day it was built. Our network of cleaning professionals makes no task too much to handle. Our 24 our a day availability makes even the hardest of schedules easy to manage. We provide on peak and off peak services with a direct point of contact for every commercial cleaning project.

Environmental Cleaning & Removal

Cleaner Image Pros has the answers to a failed inspection. We offer emergency services that will remove contaminates, chemicals, and debris from any location. Service bay pits are one of the more common production centers that leave companies shut down and unable to conduct business. We handle chemical removal, disposal, and clean up for almost any situation. If you have failed an inspection contact our team of skilled operators to handle your project.